Fitness Training Client Testimonials

Knowledgeable, energetic, and possesses the desire to get results!
Sly will continue to push me to my limits everyday. Great person and trainer!* Jacques Cesaire – Professional Football Player

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Sly continues to help me improve all aspects of my game. He will go above
and beyond in order to help me achieve perfection! Great Trainer!* Cam Thomas – Professional Football Player

I have known Sylvester “Sly” King for almost 2 years. He is kind, courteous, and professional. He is also available, and most important, very responsive. We have worked out together, one on one, as well as in group settings.Sly is focused on the client’s experience. He is attentive to your form and your ability as an athlete. When Sly trains you, it will be both fun and challenging. He is always pushing you while respecting your personal physical boundaries.I have really enjoyed my experience with Sly. I am very impressed with his knowledge and his desire to make his time with you rewarding. If you want to work with a trainer who will get you to the next level I recommend Sly for your choice.*

I wanted to dislike him. I wanted to prove that ‘yet again’ some random guy thinks he is a trainer of some kind.This as WRONG as can be about SLY KING and his fitness.I have gone to so many bad and non-caring trainers.SLY is the first fitness trainer to really care. He pays attention to me throughout the session. I have never felt stressed or fearful about any of the exercises he creates for me. SLY is challenging and always has a smile when we have completed our session. I am looking and feeling great these days. My self esteem is just soaring.I am most pleased with his personal program and it is about time this city had a legitimate training facility. Finally!*

Great Trainer, I definitely would recommend him for someone looking to achieve results from Personal Training/ Fitness. He puts in a lot of work to help me achieve my personal goals and i think very highly of him as a person and a trainer.* Ogemdi Nwagbou – Professional Football Player

I have been working out with Sly for few months now and it has been a real pleasure.The location of his private studio is very central. The studio is quiet, very well equipped and totally private. There is only one person working out at any given time. Now lets talk about Sly. He is the best personal trainer in town no questions about it. I’ve had 2 personal trainers before him. I just believed that working out was not for me. I did not like it, I was dreading the sessions and I didn’t see any results. I was even told by one of my trainer that I was too old to get the body I wanted. I am 36 ! (so not that old).Sly sat down with me. He listened to my concerns and my goals. He answered my questions and started working on a plan to get me where I want to be. Sly’s positive attitude and constant upbeat make the sessions fun. He does not have that aggressive technique of training so many other trainers use. I changed my diet with Sly’s help, work out 4 times a week and I am seeing results.I should add that his prices are totally affordable. I can only recommend him.*

It’s been about a year since I started working out with Sly.  My wife had given me a “gift” of some sessions with a personal trainer and as an incentive to keep me going, my 15 year old son would be going with me so we could both get in to better shape.  He wanted to get stronger and more athletic for football and I was basically going along for the ride since I’d NEVER had any interest in exercising, alone or with a trainer.  Sly King is first and foremost somebody who is great to hang out with.  His personality and enthusiasm are energizing and have gotten me motivated to push myself harder and keep up the effort over the longer term as I have become stronger and more agile. Watching my son go through the same workouts is a bonus in the process, and I’m sure he’d say it’s pretty entertaining to see me struggle through some of the exercises sometimes.  Sly’s focus on training us individually according to our goals and abilities helps keep workouts relevant and dynamic. It’s hard to even imagine having stuck with exercising weekly if not for Sly. His workouts are something I look forward to and enjoy every single time.  If you’re looking for the right trainer for you, you may have just found him.* Aaron Serafino & Enzo Serafino

I started training with David Stanton a few short months before ToughMudder SoCal 2013. I had signed up for the event without much thought to how tough it was going to be. After watching a few video, I signed up to train with David. He mixed up the workouts so I was hitting the right muscles but didn’t get bored. The day of the event, I had no doubt that I was going to finish all 12 miles and 20 obstacles. All thanks to Dave!*

AWESOME !!!! I have been a Client of Sly King Fitness for 2.5 months now,I have lost 35 pounds of fat and I have never felt better. When I first interviewed with Sly I explained to him my goals and expectations, He was uplifting and positive and told me that he could help me reach my goals if I put in the work. At times Sly will definately challenge me, but not push me beyond my limits. I feel he definately knows my physical strength and encourages me to to push harder than I would if I was working out solo, it is amazing how much I have grown physically since our first session. I am very comfortable at his Studio, it is 1 on 1 interaction and no distractions. Give Sly King Fitness a try you may become addicted to excercise like me.*

I am a 51 year-old male that trained with Mr. King when he lived in New Jersey. Mr. King is very professional and his style of training adapts well for either a “muscle” workout or “cardio” workout. When I began training in 2008 I was 6’0″ and weighed 255lbs. By 2011 I was 205lbs., but more importantly I feel great and I am proud of my body. I highly recommend Mr. King and encourage anyone to contact me if they have any questions. Mr. King has my contact information if requested.*

Sly is a great trainer taking the time to personalize your workouts suited to your goals as well as answer your questions. Training is truly one on one; there is nobody else in the studio during your session so its private and you get 100% attention and feedback! He is very focused on your technique and comfort, extremely professional and even answers my nutritional questions, he is very knowledgeable regarding his field/ has GREAT rates (which is really hard to find these days) and really goes the exra mile to take care of his clients. He runs specials often so make sure you inquire.*

Before I met Sly for personal training I was just doing cardio at the gym along with some yoga and dancing. I didn’t realize how much strength training was important in order to benefit my body in my other physical activities. In the past I had been approached by personal trainers at various gyms but I never felt at ease with any of them. It was as if they were just there for the money. However, when I met Sly I have to say it was just the opposite. He genuinely cared about what my expectations are and the best way to pursue them. Each session I looked forward to with anticipation. After a few months I started to see a transformation with my body from his personal training with me and proper diet. Sly makes each workout a pleasure instead of a drudgery. As I worked out and went from machine to machine he took my mind off the workout by talking about every day life which makes the workout seem to go even faster. He gave me inspiration to make working out a part of my daily routine. I highly recommend Sly to anyone that is looking for a personal trainer that truly cares about what his client wants and needs to obtain their goals.*