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  • Yes, we are able to accommodate you with a training partner! In order to add someone to your package, simply add $10 per session to your purchased package. For example, a 5 session package is $275.00 alone. Add a friend, and the $275 becomes $325, as $50 (5 sessions x $10) is added on.

  • A basic nutrition plan and food list is included as a part of your training. Your trainer will also give you simple guidance and healthier choice options throughout your sessions at no additional cost to you.

    A customized food plan that is tailored to your specific needs requires an additional cost. If in- terested, you would receive a free nutritional assessment to determine your needs and the total cost would be based off of your needs.

  • No, we offer a science based fitness regiment for each client based on their individual goals. We will vary your workouts from week to week, check your progress, and continually challenge you to meet your goals!

  • Yes you can! However, we will require clearance from your physician prior to beginning your fit- ness journey.