» Fuel My Life – Trainer Monika Broemmer tells it like it is in her new blog!

Let’s face it, not everyone is an expert when it comes to nutrition and how to really stay healthy and some physical trainers might not be all that knowledgable. The truth is everyone can use some extra help when it comes to staying healthy and Monika aims to help those who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. At Sly King Fitness, we are lucky to be able to have someone who is as dedicated and passionate about fitness as she is. Go and take a look at her blog and start fueling your life!

About Monika

If she is not studying, volunteering in research, hiking, training or eating, Monika loves to spend time with her husband, Nathan, and their adopted dogs: Chief and Kora.

Monika discovered her passion for helping others transition to a healthier lifestyle through her years of work as a personal trainer.  During her career, she has shared the frustration of many of her clients regarding the overwhelming, confusing, vague (and often conflicting) information about nutrition and health.  This has inspired her to create a blog that references the science behind nutrition while making the science easier to understand.  When it comes to foods, diets, and nutrition it is her hope that the connotation of FML can be shifted from that of exasperation to that of opportunity and that this blog can serve as an objective source of nutrition information.