» Motivation: Good things come to those who work.

Sometimes the hardest part about getting to the gym is actually getting there! Finding the motivation to get yourself off the couch, out of the house, and into the gym are some examples of what turns away a lot to people from taking those first steps.

That is a small part of the reason that having a Trainer can be such a key factor for a lot of people. It gives you an appointment and sense of accountability, but it also takes away a lot of the mental stress of someone trying to get in a workout alone.

Having a Trainer who is thinking of your individual goals and compiling a plan just for you can be extremely beneficial to seeing results. A trainer’s goal is to not only help you see those results but also keep you motivated throughout your time at the gym and during your workouts. Some examples could be, reaching a new personal record or seeing your energy increase day to day is a huge motivator for our clients.

Another thing that really helps to set the tone for motivation is music! Think of what gets your endorphins running, what puts you in the right mindset to focus and have fun at the same time? My clients love to choose music that they can get into while working out; pushing themselves with weights, or something upbeat to keep up a great cardio pace.

Maybe you have a fitness idol that you look up to or a movie that inspires you to keep working. Whatever it is that keeps you going, don’t stop! You never know if you are part of someone else’s motivating factors!

-Marissa King