Sly King Fitness Personal Training

“Sly is motivated, full of positive energy, determined, and driven to train me to be the best athlete I can be! Awesome trainer and friend! Antonio Garay Professional Football Player

“Sly continues to help me improve all aspects of my game. He will go above and beyond in order to help me achieve perfection! Great Trainer!”  Cam Thomas Professional Football Player

“Great Trainer, I definitely would recommend him for someone looking to achieve results from Personal Training/ Fitness. He puts in a lot of work to help me achieve my personal goals and I think very highly of him as a person and a trainer” Ogemdi Nwagbou Professional Football Player

“Knowledgeable, energetic, and possesses the desire to get results! Sly will continue to push me to my limits everyday. Great person and trainer!” Jacques Cesaire Professional Football Player

Our training has set me apart from the competition. I continue to improve my speed, agility, and quickness through our vastly changing program. Sly is a dedicated trainer, I highly recommend checking him out.  Damik Scafe Professional Football Player

            Sly King Fitness is a One on One Private Personal Training Studio in San Diego, helping clients with their goals ranging from weight loss to improving athletic performance. We strive to accommodate all clients to the best of our ability by staying open 7 days a week, longer hours, and very competitive rates.      Sly King Fitness is not like your typical corporate gyms where there are many fees to be paid before you get to the personal training cost. Instead, at Sly King Fitness, we simplify the process and benefit our clients by having NO membership fees and NO start up costs! We want all of our clients to succeed and focus on their goals.         Remember to call and set up your Free Consultation and Body Fat Analysis Twitter: @SlyKingFitness Instagram: @SlyKingFitness