Marissa Marcus
Sly is a great trainer taking the time to personalize your workouts suited to your goals as well as answer your questions. Training is truly one on one; there is nobody else in the studio during your session so its private and you get 100% attention and feedback! He is very focused on your technique and comfort, extremely professional and even answers my nutritional questions, he is very knowledgeable regarding his field/ has GREAT rates (which is really hard to find these days) and really goes the exra mile to take care of his clients**he runs specials often so make sure you inquire** Richard Hoffman Jr. I have known Sylvester “Sly” King for almost 2 years. He is kind, courteous, and professional. He is also available, and most important, very responsive. We have worked out together, one on one, as well as in group settings. Sly is focused on the client’s experience. He is attentive to your form and your ability as an athlete. When Sly trains you, it will be both fun and challenging. He is always pushing you while respecting your personal physical boundaries. I have really enjoyed my experience with Sly. I am very impressed with his knowledge and his desire to make his time with you rewarding.  If you want to work with a trainer who will get you to the next level I recommend Sly for your choice. Angela CusimanoBefore I met Sly for personal training I was just doing cardio at the gym along with some yoga and dancing.  I didn’t realize how much strength training was important in order to benefit my body in my other physical activities. In the past I had been approached by personal trainers at various gyms but I never felt at ease with any of them. It was as if they were just there for the money. However, when I met Sly I have to say it was just the opposite. He genuinely cared about what my expectations are and the best way to pursue them.  Each session I looked forward to with anticipation. After a few months I started to see a transformation with my body from his personal training with me and proper diet. Sly makes each workout a pleasure instead of a drudgery. As I worked out and went from machine to machine he took my mind off the workout by talking about every day life which makes the workout seem to go even faster. He gave me inspiration to make working out a part of my daily routine. I highly recommend Sly to anyone that is looking for a personal trainer that truly cares about what his client wants and needs to obtain their goals.